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Fuel Cincinnati
Fuel Cincinnati

Andrea Costa Laden

POSITION: Operations Committee

I’m originally from a small town in Charlotte County, Florida, and I’m an avid Gator fan. I moved to Cincinnati in 2008 and have enjoyed building a career and life here with my husband. Cincinnati is a big city full of neighborly, small-town folks. This has created a uniquely collegial legal community, and I love practicing law here.

I am a lawyer by trade and volunteer at heart. Creating opportunities for others is extremely important to me.


  • Organizing ideas into plans
  • Legal skills
  • Nonprofit formation
  • Trademark law
  • Business law

What Fuel Means to Me:
Fuel Cincinnati is a diverse group of optimistic people that helps others to fund and execute unique projects that make our communities better.

Why I’m Involved in Fuel Cincinnati:
Fuel Cincinnati pushes me outside my comfort zone by introducing me to people and projects that I would not otherwise find. Fuel Cincinnati keeps me intimately connected to this great city I now call home.

Why You Should Bring Your Idea to Us:
We want you to succeed. Please apply!

Interesting, Fun Fact about Me:
To my new neighbors’ great amusement, the majority of my first October in Cincinnati was spent in a down coat.