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Fuel Cincinnati
Fuel Cincinnati

Ron Klein

POSITION: Treasurer


I was born and raised in Michigan (Shelby Township – 30 minutes from Detroit). I’m also proud and not afraid in Cincinnati to say that I’m an alumni from the University of Michigan. Go Blue! I am a big Detroit sports fan, even though I’ve now lived in Cincinnati for over a year and a half. I moved down to Cincinnati to work in Finance for Procter & Gamble downtown.


  • Financial stewardship
  • Budgeting + Planning
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Microsoft Excel

What Fuel Means to Me:
Fuel means giving individuals the tools (financial and otherwise) to make important and impactful changes for the Cincinnati community.

Why I’m Involved in Fuel Cincinnati:
Now that I’ve lived in Cincinnati for almost two years, I feel as though I am a part of the community. Because of this, I want to provide as much help and support I can to make this city the best city in the world. I’ve already seen some of the impact a small idea can make and I want to contribute to more.

Why You Should Bring Your Idea to Us:

Fuel can provide you a ton of resources to make your idea a reality. It’s often daunting to have an idea and to be unsure of who to talk to or how to raise money. Fuel provides a diverse sounding board to help you organize your ideas and give important feedback.