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Fuel Cincinnati
Fuel Cincinnati

Fuel Cincinnati® Committees

Fuel Cincinnati is organized by two committees made up of young professional, local volunteers. Some of the members of both boards are former grantees.

Executive Committee

This committee gets together for two to three hours each month to review proposals, meet potential grantees, make connections and determine who gets fueled. Each member is also a member of one of the following subcommittees, except for the chair (who keeps a watch over it all, in 360º) and the treasurer (who oversees the funding transactions):

Development – looking for funding in all the right places

Operations – coordinating potential grantees

Communications – spreading the word about what Fuel does

Events – organizing Fuel the Fire and other events throughout the year

Leadership Team:



Board Members:

Cristin Wenstrup

Secretary & Development Committee Member

Emily Thobe

Development Committee Member

Julia Burks

Executive Committee Member

Kailah Ware

Executive Committee Member

Kate Morris

Communications Committee Member

Ken Johnson

Executive Committee Member

Lamar Harris

Operations & Events Committees Member

Lauren Davis

Communications Committee Member

Luke Klepec

Communications Committee Member

Matt O’Bryan

Operations Committee Member

Advisory Board

Former executive board members stay connected to all that Fuel Cincinnati does. They provide information, resources and connections for grantees and current board members, in perpetuity.
  • Maggie Brennan
  • Amber David
  • Tangela Edwards
  • Matt Jacob
  • Ollie Kroner
  • Andrea Costa Laden
  • Craig Lutsi
  • Alexis Morrisroe
  • Jeremy Mosher
  • Kathleen Pepmeyer
  • Phil Poonoosomy
  • Mike Shepka
  • Joe Stewart-Pirone
  • Gerard Sychay
  • Ryan Alleman
  • Javi Cuadrado
  • Beth Wilding
  • Beth Griffith-Niemann
  • Bethany Miller
  • Zach El-Sawaf
  • John Gray
  • Sandra Eismann-Harpen
  • Owen Raisch
  • Teno Boone
  • Sarah Froelich
  • Kelsey Bright