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DailyDole: Raising Money for Charities




DailyDole is an online fundraising tool that offers daily split-the-pot contests on behalf of various charities. Each day, a new charity is invited to help spread the word and raise as much money as possible for themselves and one lucky winner. The reason DailyDole is so exciting is because it combines the power of social media with the thrill of raffles and the joy of philanthropic giving.

The purpose of DailyDole is to help charities generate a lot of buzz and raise a lot of money in a short amount of time. The goal of DailyDole is to become a non-profit that fulfills all the legal and tax requirements to manager online, daily raffles, so that charities can raise a large amount of money but avoid the time-consuming raffle-application process.

Fuel awarded DailyDole grant money to support legal fees associated with such a non-profit. As a Cincinnati YP, DailyDole’s leadership team initiated and idea that supports local non-profits and engages YPs, just the support Fuel strives to give.

Awarded: $1,500