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Hundred Dollar Club

Hundred Dollar Club:  Inspiring and Empowering Women to Live a Better Life


Who we are: We are on-going community project, partnering with local non-profit organizations. We are getting guidance and mentorship from FUEL Cincinnati.

Vision Plan: Surprise women with $100 gift cards to help out with day to day bills and keep them on their feet. We hope to partner with various non-profit events that are already happening in Cincinnati to award the gift cards. We also hope to sponsor our own events and contests for women to earn the gift cards. Our main goal for the future is to work to make the project sustainable by obtaining steady sponsorship income.

Target: Women in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Special focus on single mothers.

What We’ve Done: Our First Event was May 21st, 2011. We sponsored the OTR Women’s Conference 13th Annual Day of Celebration for Women. We gave out 65+ $100 gift cards to needy women in the OTR area. Pictures and details available on Facebook!