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Lewisburg Nature Trail

Lewisburg Nature Trail: Promoting Health and Wellness in the Community

Lewisburg trail final

The Lewisburg Neighborhood Group and Kentucky Mountain Bike Association (KyMBA) are creating a gateway trail into Devou Park for residents of Lewisburg Neighborhoods.  The Lewisburg Nature Trail is designed to encourage residents of Covington to relieve stress enjoy the greenery and wildlife of their local neighborhood.  This ¾ mile trail is ideally located, close to downtown, for a jog or hike in the woods after work or on lunch break. KyMBA wishes to share its love of nature and encourage health and wellness in the community.

Fuel awarded Lewisburg Nature Trail a grant to fund machine rental and operation to shorten the execution time from months to weeks.  This wooded gateway should be finished in the summer of 2011.

Awarded: $500

More information about the Lewisburg Nature Trail can be found at