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Mill Creek Floating Wetlands

Mill Creek Floating Treatment Wetland Project


The Mill Creek Valley cuts through the heart of Cincinnati and historically has served as a vital link northward through the river hills of our region. Consequently, it has long been the cradle of our city’s industrial activities and the pollutants that came along with them.

The Mill Creek Floating Wetland Project was a pilot ecological restoration project which installed 13 floating treatment wetland (FTW) rafts along this vital waterway in order to improve water quality, remove contaminants, promote biodiversity, create wildlife habitat, and inspire beauty. FTWs have been used in a variety of applications relative to urban waterways; specifically surface water runoff treatment, wastewater treatment, and protecting ecosystems.

In conjunction with the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities and a fleet of volunteers, the FTWs were successfully install in August of 2012 and have already shown signs of life as they spread their benefits downstream.

Find out more about the great work they are doing to reclaim the Mill Creek at:

Awarded: $2,000 ($500 grant + $1,500 Fuel the Fire event)