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WordPlay: Encouraging Children to Find their Own Unique Voice


Fuel Cincinnati supported Wordplay’s kick-off in Northside on July 4, 2012.  Wordplay  offers both school-based and site-based programming, located at the creative writing center in the heart of the Northside Business District. Programs are designed to engage children’s innate creativity while building upon basic literacy skills, encouraging every child to find his or her own unique voice.  In-school programs are currently being designed, ranging from specialized tutoring for early childhood literacy in under-resourced schools to founding and supporting creative student publications in urban Jr./Sr. High Schools where none currently exist.

The WordPlay creative writing center will host class field trips for writing and publishing projects, after-school drop-in assistance with homework, one-on-one reading, and creative, collaborative projects integrating the literary, visual and performing arts.  In the evenings, WordPlay will host a series of project-based workshops for  Jr. and Sr. High School students.  These will be highly creative, multi-media events including the spectrum of creative writing and expression, including short fiction, journalism, songwriting, playwriting, storyboarding, personal narratives, oral histories… the ideas are infinite.

Volunteer, donate or be more involved in Wordplay & the children they inspire.

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