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Young Professional Choral Collective

Young Professional Choral Collective: Connecting Through a Shared Love for Music



Young Professional Choral Collective is comprised of a group of young professional singers eager to engage in downtown Cincinnati.  The singers live, work, and love downtown Cincinnati where they gather each Thursday to practice and frequently peruse the neighborhood scheduling some time at a venue along the way to shout out a tune or concert.  Young Professional Choral Collective began when two young professionals new to the city missed the singing they’d conducted through organizations that had been present throughout their life.  They gathered those with similar interests, singers range from 21 to 40 years old and have been singing a varying capacities.  They connect over their shared love of music.  Sharing music is a large part of what makes Cincinnati thrive and Choral Collective is no different.  With a goal of making it into the competitive World Choir Games, held in Cincinnati this summer, the organized group of singers reached out to Fuel to promote their vision, their organization and assist them in finding a way to reach their goal.  Keep up with them on facebook to support their mission and catch a show or find out more at

Awarded: $500