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Vision Camp

Vision Camp – Empowering Students to Transform their Ideas into Reality

Empowering Gifted Generations – International, is partnering with Give Back Cincinnati (FUEL) in preparation for its 1st annual Vision Camp taking place July 21st 2014-August 1st 2014.

Vision Camp is Phase I of our programs. Vision Camp will empower students while offering a platform for students to transform their visions and ideas of entrepreneurship into a reality. Vision Camp is a 2 week summer camp that includes:

  • Business Trips– this will give students the opportunity to visit start ups and/or fortune 500 businesses to prove that all businesses had to start with a vision and that no matter how big or small the vision, it has the potential to be successful.
  • Classroom curriculum– will cover a variety of topics such as: effective public speaking, international business, global market/industry trends, cost of goods sold, supply and demand, branding and industry needs. (Each student will receive a workbook)
  • Presenters– A diverse group of Entrepreneurs will be invited to speak with the students about the advantages/challenges of business ownership. Highlight how their businesses went from a vision to a reality and the importance of being committed.
  • Entrepreneur IQ– Each student will be given pre and post assessments to measure the methods of teaching and learning. Our goal is to increase the general knowledge of entrepreneurship for students ages 15-18 by at least 20% at the end of our Vision Camp.
  • Global Business Plan, Demo day– Students demonstrate what they have learned and present their business ideas. Students present their business plans to their peers, families and community supporters to compete for prizes/awards. The business plan presentations will showcase the students’ business/ideas and each plan will highlight whether the business/idea would be successful in another country, why or why not.
  • Language project– Students will be introduced to the advantages of learning other languages as a means of effective Global business communication. Multi-lingual entrepreneurs and business professionals will be invited to share their personal industry experiences and highlight their successes with the students.

For more information please contact Kai Stoudemire at [email protected]

Awarded: $1,500