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Fuel Cincinnati
Fuel Cincinnati

Fuel the Fire 2018 Entrant: Keep Cincinnati Beautiful’s Future Blooms Program

Hey, Cincinnati, you know those buildings with the doors and windows painted on? Have you ever looked at one and thought you were hallucinating? Would you be surprised to know that Keep Cincinnati Beautiful‘s Future Blooms Program is behind this rash of painted doors?

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful’s Future Blooms Program is here with an ambitious plan to cover the ground floor of the Davis Furniture Company Building on Main Street with their signature door and window art. With your help, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful can safeguard an historic building and prevent urban blight from growing in Cincinnati’s revitalized downtown.

Come to MadTree Brewing May 24th at 6:30 for the annual Fuel the Fire fundraiser for Fuel Cincinnati. In addition to our presenters and their projects, we have a wonderful selection of raffle prizes as well as delicious pizza and MadTree beer for you to enjoy!

If you love this idea as much as we do at Fuel and want to support it, get your tickets here now!
Get Your Tickets for Fuel the Fire Here!

Courtesy of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful