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Fuel Cincinnati
Fuel Cincinnati

Fuel the Fire 2018 Entrant – North Fairmount Community Council – Bee and Monarch Pollinator Station

Think bees spend all their time guarding honey and chasing Winnie the Pooh? Think again.

Bees pollinate the foods we eat and up to 90% of the wild plants we enjoy. Face it: we need bees. Without them, our world would be far less beautiful and a lot less tasty. But today, bees are disappearing, with 1 in 10 species facing possible extinction due to pesticides and habitat loss. Now, you can help the Cincinnati community do something about it!

Carolyn Crombie and the North Fairmount Community Council want to make Cincinnati great for bees again, starting with North Fairmount. Using several vacant hillside lots, Carolyn and her team will plant bee-friendly native wildflowers and construct several bee “condos”—bees know their real estate!—to house a variety of wild bees, monarch butterflies, and other hardworking pollinators. Eventually, they’ll establish a full-blown community apiary, aka bee farm, to beautify a neglected community, enrich our local environment, and maybe make a little honey, too. 🙂     

It all starts with you. They’ve got the space, they’ve got the passion, they’ve got the people; what they need is your vote, and the grant that comes with it at Fuel the Fire 2018! Come to MadTree Brewing (3301 Madison Rd) on May 24 at 6:30pm to learn about how Carolyn and the North Fairmount community are making a difference in our city. See you there!

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