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Fuel the Fire 2018 Entrant: Northside Composting

Do you remember how much food you threw out last week? It’s probably more than you think. In fact, an estimated 33% of all food produced in America goes to waste each year. Wow. But what if we put that waste to good use instead?

Enter composting: helpful bacteria break down organic waste—rotten fruit and veggies, for starters—and turn it into nutrient-rich superfood for the land we all live on! Compost is great fertilizer, acts as a natural pesticide, and can even be used in construction projects. No question, composting is a cheap and easy way to make our waste work for us instead of landfills. There’s just one problem: Cincinnati isn’t doing it.

Adam Kapuscinski and Tanner Yess of the Northside Community Council want to change that. They’ve got a vision to make composting as regular and accepted as putting your trash or recycling out each week. To get there, they’ll partner with local nonprofits to pilot a curbside composting service in the Northside community. The Northside Food Waste program will provide composting supplies, education, and free pickup to residents, helping to make composting a neighborhood habit. In the future, they’ll take what they learn from this pilot program and expand to other Cincinnati communities—maybe yours!      

You can make the difference for Adam, Tanner, and the Cincinnati community. They have a plan but need the funds for all the things that’ll make their program work, like compost buckets, transport, and some advertising. In short, they need your vote at Fuel the Fire 2018! Come to MadTree Brewing (3301 Madison Rd) on May 24 at 6:30pm to learn about how Adam, Tanner, and their team are helping all of us build a sustainable future!

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