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Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot fund for-profit projects.  We are using tax exempt dollars granted by foundations that provided the funds expressly for non-profit purposes.  That does not mean that we can only fund organizations that are legally non-profit or tax-exempt entities.  We can fund individuals who have project ideas, and/or ideas that may later blossom into full blown initiatives or organizations.  If it is a for-profit business we cannot fund it.  If it is an individual who looks like he or she is likely to start a for-profit business, we will not fund it.
Absolutely not. By no means do we expect you to have a non-profit or even understand all the inner-workings of a non-profit. We just want you to share your genius idea and tell us why we should support it.
We want to support new, fresh ideas that help Cincinnati continue to change and grow.  Even though we participate in events such as 5K runs/walks, charity golf outings, and happy hours, we are not interested in supporting them. Think about your passions and how you can push that passion into the community.
We want to hear your idea no matter what stage of the game you are at. You don’t have to dot all or your i’s and cross all your t’s, but we want you to share your thoughts to the best of your ability.
It can take you as long as it does to fill out your updated information at the doctor’s office or as fast as it is (for some of us) to send a text message.
Actually, YOU = Advantage. Fuel Cincinncati® is looking for fresh ideas. We look to fund the rookies.
First submit your idea by answering the three questions on the "apply" button and someone will contact you to let you know whether or not your project fits within our guidelines.  If so, we will ask for some additional information about your idea and its status before inviting you to interview.  You will be invited to interview and a decision will be made shortly afterwards to let you know how Fuel Cincinnati® can support your idea.
Today or tomorrow. Really, anytime works for us. We have monthly meetings to review applications, and we award funds on a monthly basis.
The process should take 2–3 weeks. We want to make things happen as quickly as possible.
Fuel Cincinnati® will provide the initial dollars to get you off the ground and running. We will do our best to connect you with contacts at other funding sources that are like-minded and may have interest in supporting your efforts.
We would like you to use them within a year of being granted. If you’re getting held up on your project, we can provide assistance to be sure you keep the project moving along.
The Fuel Cincinnati® committee includes individuals who are part of several community networks throughout Cincinnati. Let us know if you’ve got a snag in your plans and we’ll help connect you with someone who can help.